European Retail: O’Quirey shoes

O’Quiery has a simple concept for their brand: ‘quirky, original, colorful design and excellent fit’. The premium footwear company has made it’s mark in the Netherlands for it’s design, quality and fit.

The stores are small,  very simple and clean, allowing the product to take center stage in the in-store shopping experience. It will be impossible to walk in one of their two Amsterdam stores without picking up and admiring at least three pairs of shoes.

The product design combines the vibrant hues of Amsterdam apartments along with a youthful quirkiness that resonates well with the Dutch. In addition to this, the shoes are Goodyear Welted, which ensures goodness of fit and durability of the shoes.


The founder of O’Quiery ,  Jan Palmen (pictured next to football legend Johan Derksen), has been a retail fiend for years. From a store manager, to a business owner, to a luxury store owner, to O’Quiery , this retailer and designer knows what he’s doing! It would be great to see more of this brand in other European hubs.


Check out some of their looks on Instagram or their online store.



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