European Retail: Goods Copenhagen

Goods has one focus: quality and design. They have become the go-to menswear shop in Copenhagen, since their humble beginnings in 2008. I was not able to visit them in person during my time in Copenhagen and I really regret it. Luckily they allow customers to have an idea of the store design and environment here. This is particularly important for amount of international customers they welcome the Goods website; and the growing amount of German, Austrian, Swiss, Japanese and Korean customers.

Since most people will not be able to visit the store, I chose to take a look at the following three elements of the website: product offering, the neighborhood and the product pages. Take a look at  what I like and what I would improve!

The product offering

What do I like?

The store offers many products from different brands; you can take a look at this offering here.  I find it amazing that they hold all of these brands in inventory with only one store. However, that is exactly the benefit for having an online store. The retailer can offer more products than in store. For example, Goods is a menswear store, but on the website they offer products for women.

How I would improve this section?

  1. I  would include the logos of the brands that are featured on the website. This would facilitate the recognition of the brand name as most people (myself included) remember logos rather actual names. Woodbury Commons does this well.
Goods website
Woodbury Commons website


In addition to this, I would include the home country of these brands (where are they from). This is a great opportunity to show the geographic diversity of the Goods product offering. A company that does this well is Kaufman Mercantile; allowing customers to shop by region:


Kaufman Mercantile website

2. Using the Adidas brand category page as an example, I would improve the following:

Goods Website – Adidas brand category page
  • Include the logo of the brand at the top left of the category page.
  • Include a short explanation of why Goods is holding Adidas products.
  • Filtering option top right.
  • Removing the ‘Adidas test product’
  • Make the copy adjustable to mobile (screen sizes) the same way the products are (displayed above).

The neighborhood

What do I like?

This is one of probably one of my favorite content pages on any e-shop. You can find the page here ; where Goods presents stores in their neighborhood that they love and inspire them. It’s as if they provide you with their own ‘top 5’ places to visit when in Østerbro (Copenhagen).

Goods website – Neighborhood Page

Not only does it show respect and admiration for surrounding businesses, but it also plays a strong role in the customers’ perception of the brand.  This allows them to ‘invite’ customers into their neighborhood, and if these customers are interested, they will find shops that are as great as Goods.

How I would improve this section?

I think it would be great if the team at Goods would include some smaller shops, cafés and/or pubs that they love in this section. It would be great to populate this section as it will better carve an intricate image of the Goods brand. In Montreal, for instance, people who work at new-age/concept store retailers tend to visit neighboring stores, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés. I’m sure the trend is similar in Copenhagen or for the team at Goods. The retailer is already doing this well on their Instagram ; where they recently promoted an Italian Ice Cream maker:


This company is cross-promoting neighboring companies on their Instagram page, this would be great to see it on the website as well.

The product pages

There are different product pages on the website, so I randomly chose this one for my review.

Goods website – Product Detail Page
Goods Website – Related Products

What do I like?

  • Alternate pricing and details: This makes it easier for international customers to know the price of items without having to lookup the exchange rate themselves.
  • Clear add to cart button: I love how big and clean the ‘add to cart’ button is.
  • Product description: this makes it easier for customers to understand what the product is.
  • Brand description: Provides setting for the brand and relevant information that could be interesting for customers
  • Related items: It is very important to provide related products as it allows customers to have a better look (when talking fashion). This means, that if someone is buying a pair of jeans, a retailer could propose a belt, socks, shoes, underwear, shirts, sweaters, coats…whatever would complete the look.

How I would improve this section?

  • Brand description adapted to size of the window: This makes it difficult for people to read as they have to scroll to the right to read it fully. Goods might have designed it that way to make sure that the copy is aligned with the image. A suggestion would be to use a modal window for both the product and brand description.
  • Shop the look: Allowing customers to shop the complete look of the model. Some pages already have this added, for example this product page.
  • Hyperlinks clearly shown: At the moment, unless you scroll over a word you cannot know that it is a hyperlink. If Goods wants to keep the same font, they can opt for a bold lettering on the links. This will make them increasingly visible to customers.
  • Related items adapted to the product: With 1-4% of clicks on product pages going to the related items section, it is important to merchandise this section properly. There are many opportunity for a web merchandiser on the Goods website.
    • If they want to have a general rule for merchandising related products, I would suggest them to include essentials such as: underwear, socks, jeans and white sneakers (keeping in mind that they should always have these products in stock)

Take a look at the Goods Instagram here. I can’t wait to go to the store my next time in Copenhagen; keep up the great work Goods!



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